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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Kung Fu Kid

Last weekend we were supposed to head up to Lagoon (our local mini-theme park) for the day, but the weather ended up being horrible. Alas, we were left with nothing to do, but had promised the boys we were going to have a really fun Saturday. Luckily we were wise enough not to mention to them how it was going to be fun. A trick we have learned from experience.

There we were, two young boys under the age of 8, a full day of gloomy weather... duh! Lets go to a movie!

Ok. So I'm one of those types that actually really enjoys kids movies (most of the time... in small doses) and I was pretty excited about going to see the recent remake of The Karate Kid. The original trilogy was a big part of my growing up and why I still, to this day, pretend that I know Karate when playing with the boys. In fact, I'm hard pressed to go a week without some Mr. Miyagi reference (he was the man!). I was excited to share that same love of total awesomeness/geekiness with my two young boys.

But here's the problem: Why did they still call it The Karate Kid?

Granted, when my wife and I watched the original (that same day) later, we realized that probably 75% of the script was practically ver batum, but even the movie itself makes a clear distinction that what they are doing is Kung Fu... NOT Karate. Come on. Its a new generation. Call it what it is.

Aside from my obvious pettyiness and inane need to label the martial arts appropriately, I very much enjoyed the movie, as did Kid Z and Kid A. They came out excited and pretending to fight and do the awesomely cool moves they had just seen on the big screen.

We have always wanted to sign the boys up for either Karate or Kung Fu... but now they are actually interested :D. Now if only it wasn't so expensive.

Anyway, I love the movies and I love being able to take my kids to see them too. Now that this weekend is supposed to be beautiful, we may try Lagoon again. But I'm also hoping to maybe squeeze in Toy Story 3. What are your plans this weekend?


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