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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Skin Care Tips

During the cold winter months, you might notice that your children gain a “rosy” glow to their faces. The same winter conditions that cause the rosy hue can also bring more serious skin issues, including uncomfortable dryness to their hands, face, and feet. Some adults and children may get skin so dry; it results in flaking or cracking.

In reality, it isn’t just the cold outside that is causing the problem. As soon as you turn homes heating system on, the skin starts to dry out – regardless of how you heat your home (e.g. oil, wood, electricity, gas). So how do you keep you and your children’s skin healthy during the winter? Below are a few simple tricks to keeping skin feeling soft and healthy when it’s cold outside:

  1. Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. The skin cannot repair itself properly if the body is dehydrated.
  2. Consider a humidifier. Adding moisture back to the air is a good way to keep skin from drying. Good humidifiers can be purchased at any major retailer.
  3. Use a natural oil-based moisturizer. This will help protect your skin from moisture loss, by creating a barrier. When choosing a moisturizer that will be applied to your face, look for one that contains non-clogging oils, such as avocado, sweet almond, jojoba, or primrose oil. Also look for one that contains humectants, such as glycerin.
  4. Use sunscreen. Just because the summer is over, don’t say goodbye to your sunscreen. Before leaving your house, apply a sunscreen with at least a SPF of 15. Also, try to choose a product that combines a sunscreen with a moisturizer.
  5. Wear gloves. Choose a quality pair made of materials that do not irritate the skin. If you or your children are allergic to wool, a cotton mitten can be worn underneath. Not only will it keep your hands warm, it also protects them from the harsh elements.
  6. Proper nutrition. Foods rich in omega fatty acids are not just good for your skin, but provide other healthy benefits. Antioxidants, found in fruits and vegetables are also great for skin health.
  7. Don’t lick your lips. I know it’s tempting, but you’ll only chap your lips even more. Keep a lip balm in your purse or diaper bag and apply it as necessary. The Little Stinker™ Natural Nursing Balm is also great for chapped, dry lips.

By following the simple suggestions noted above, you and your kids can spend more time enjoying the winter holidays and less time suffering the effects of dry, chapped skin.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The "Take 10, Tell 10, Shift 10" Campaign

During Buy Local First Week, November 26-December 4th, 2010, Local First Utah is kicking off the "Take 10, Tell 10, Shift 10" campaign to encourage shoppers to patronize local businesses this holiday season. The three-faceted campaign works like this:

1. Take 10 - Take 10 minutes to educate yourself on the value of shopping locally. For starters, check out the Top Ten Reasons to Shop Locally in this E-News. When you're thirsty for more, for many more informative articles.

2. Tell 10 - Go viral! Tell at least ten of your friends, family members, co-workers or neighbors about what you've learned in regard to shopping locally. Get on Facebook or Twitter, and encourage others to both educate themselves and spread the word.

3. Shift 10 - Here's where the rubber hits the road. After all that you've learned, and what you've shared with the people around you, we ask you to make the "Local Gift Shift." We encourage you to spend at least 10 percent of your holiday shopping budget at local, independent businesses. Already a committed local shopper? Then we encourage you to shift an additional 10 percent of your holiday shopping to local stores. Every dollar counts, and every dollar makes a difference in our community!

In addition to the Take 10, Tell 10, Shift 10 Campaign, the five neighborhood business district of Salt Lake City have joined with Local First offering special discounts to local shoppers. Keep an eye out while you're shopping at the participating businesses of 15th &15th, 9th & 9th, Sugarhouse, Broadway and the West Side, for our Take 10, Tell 10, Shift 10 promotional materials.

Buy Local First Week Calendar of Events

Buy Local First Week kicks into gear on November 26th, the day following Thanksgiving, which is traditionally the busiest shopping season of the year. As the holiday season unfolds, take some time to visit these local, independent retailers, and participate in their events during Buy Local First Week.

Friday, November 26th

  • The Old World Christmas Market launches on Friday, November 26th, and will run through December 4th. The Market, which is held at the Union Pacific Depot at The Gateway (400 W. South Temple) is modeled after the Christmas markets of Europe. Visitors can shop for unique, handmade items by local artisans for holiday gift giving. There will be food vendors offering traditional German and Italian flavors of the season including baked goods, candied nuts, spiced cider and hot chocolate. The market is open from 11 a.m.-10 p.m. and is closed on Sundays.

Saturday, November 27th

  • American Express is sponosoring Small Business Saturday. As part of its commitment to supporting small businesses, American Express will give you a $25 statement credit when you make a purchase at your favorite local stores and restaurants on Small Business Saturday. Enroll and use your registered American Express Card. Visit for more details.

Wednesday, December 1

  • Wasatch Hollow Community Council will host a neighborhood social and pot luck at the 15th Street Gallery, starting at 7 p.m. Local vendors will speak regarding both the history of, and the future vision for, the 15th & 15th neighborhood. For those eager to implement their goal of an additional 10 percent shift in their holiday spending to local business, the 15th Street Gallery, the King’s English Bookshop and the new Caputo’s on 15th will be offering discounts on all purchases made during the evening. For more information, contact Ronda Landa of ICON Design at 801-631-8150

Thursday, December 2

  • Don't miss The King's English Bookshop's Annual Holiday Party from 5-7 p.m, featuring authors, beverages and hors d'oeuvres! Add an additional 10% to the 10% discount for Buy Local First Week to get 20% off purchases. Many favorite local authors will be on hand to sign copies of their books, including Matthew Kirby, Ann Cannon, Kristin Chandler, Gerald Elias, Ann Torrence, Jacob Paul, Sarah DeFord Williams, and more! Call 801-484-9100 or visit for more information.

  • Tea and Fashion Benefit at Beehive Tearoom located at 12 West Broadway. For more information, visit the Tearoom's Web site.

  • “Fall into Winter” the Design by Diamond Winter Line Release party will be held at The Holding Company Loft at 600 South 35 East, starting at 6 p.m. “Fall into Winter,” is an evening to exhibit art of all kinds, with a special focus on the wearable art produced by Design by Diamond owner and artist, Nick D’Amico. The night will merge the visual with the audible, featuring the photography of Kaylee Evenson and Mikey Kunde , and the music of Hayden Henderson, Matt Lee and Steele Croswhite. The central focus of the evening is the debut of the 2010 Winter Line of Design by Diamond.

Friday, December 3

  • The Cache Valley Winter Market in Logan shows the work of local artisans. With very strict requirements for admission, the show is a wonderful place to see and purchase some of the finest artisan wares available in Northern Utah. Visit the Ellen Eccles Theater at 45 South Main Street, starting at 6 p.m. on Friday, and continuing through the day on Saturday December 4th.

Saturday, December 4

  • Stop by The King's English Bookshop at 2 p.m. to celebrate the November 30th publication of "Matched" by Ally Condie. Condie, one of our talented local authors, will read from and sign her new novel for young adults--the first in a highly anticipated trilogy--about Cassia, a 17-year-old girl who's spent her life waiting to learn who "The Society" will select as her ideal mate, only to find herself falling in love with someone else. To arrange an interview, contact Allison Verost at 212-414-3442

Monday, November 8, 2010

How to prepare for breastfeeding

* I found this article on my iPhone app from Baby Center and thought I'd share it with you!

Learn as much as you can about breastfeeding even before your baby's born. Talk to nursing moms, read articles to familiarize yourself, and consider calling your local La Leche League International chapter or taking a breastfeeding class (offered by most hospitals) some time in your last trimester. The more you know about how to get started and the benefits of nursing, the better.

Whether you think about it or not, your pregnant body is preparing itself for breastfeeding. That's one reason your breasts get so much bigger during pregnancy – your milk ducts and milk-producing cells are developing, and more blood goes to your breasts than before. (Learn more about how your breasts produce milk.)

But breast size has nothing to do with your ability to nurse successfully: For example, it's not true that smaller-breasted women make less breast milk.

Do I need to toughen my nipples?

No, says Kathleen Huggins, author ofThe Nursing Mother's Companion. The hormonal changes pregnancy brings to your breasts are sufficient preparation for most women. Don't rub or scrub your nipples – this will only hurt you and make breastfeeding difficult. Teaching your baby the right way to latch on to your breast from the beginning is the most effective way to prevent soreness.

What products should I buy?

These products aren't required, by any means, but they can make breastfeeding more comfortable and convenient:

Nursing bras: These bras are comfortable and provide the extra support your larger-than-usual breasts need. They come with flaps that you can easily undo at feeding time.

You may want to wait until the last weeks of pregnancy to shop for nursing bras, when your breasts will be closest to their postpartum size. That said, once your milk comes in your breasts will be bigger. They may even grow another size or two! So keep that in mind when buying nursing bras, and when shopping in person look for a salesperson who's knowledgeable about fitting. (You can wait until after you give birth to make this purchase, but in the early days after delivery you probably won't have the time or energy to go bra shopping.)

Nursing tops and camisoles: These tops have convenient flaps that allow you to breastfeed easily and discreetly. Some of the camisoles are very supportive and can function as a bra and top in one.

Nursing pillows: Specially designed to support your baby while you're nursing, these can help you avoid straining your shoulders or neck during feeding sessions. They're more convenient – and better at keeping your baby in position – than regular pillows.

Breast pads: It's normal for your breasts to leak while you're nursing. Another baby's cry or the sight of an infant can also bring on a gush of milk when you least expect it. Disposable breast pads (or reusable, washable ones) will keep you and your shirts nice and dry.

A breast pump: Even if you're not planning to pump regularly, a breast pump can be a useful tool – to help relieve engorgement, for example. Find out more about buying a breast pump.

Other breastfeeding accessories:Lanolin ointment (available in many drugstores) can help relieve sore nipples. And hot/cold gel packs, which fit inside your bra, can soothe swollen or sore breasts.

All contents copyright © BabyCenter LLC 1997-2010 all rights reserved. Please review thePrivacy Policy and Terms of Use before using this site. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Little Stinker Takes the ‘Un’ out of the Unpleasant Moments of Parenthood

Little Stinker Takes the ‘Un’ out of the Unpleasant Moments of Parenthood

The Blueberry Project combats the toils of raising kids so parents can focus on the joys of parenting

Salt Lake City, UT ( October 1, 2010)-­‐-­‐Parents who are all too familiar with the displeasure of changing odorous diapers, or have struggled through painful breastfeeding or weaning can find
relief with all-­‐natural products launched by The Blueberry Project: Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray, Little Stinker Natural Nursing Balm and Little Stinker Cooling Breast Cream.

Created by parenting trio, Kathy Dalton, Brick Despain and Travis Mackay, The Blueberry Project was founded in 2009 to create products that make child-­‐rearing a better experience. “Let’s face it, raising kids is hard,” shared Brick Despain. “We want to create products that allow
parents to focus on how cool their kids are, rather than the pains and smells of parenthood!”

Little Stinker Butt Spray provides parents with sensory relief during smelly diaper changes while offering a natural, organic product that benefits baby’s skin. Parents can spray the air before changing a diaper to keep odors at bay. The spray may also be used on baby’s bottom after a diaper change to moisturize and protect delicate skin. “There is nothing worse than the
smell after a diaper change. This is a product parents can appreciate,” stated co-­‐founder, Travis

Little Stinker Natural Nursing Balm is formulated from Shea, cocoa and mango, with olive
and rice bran oils to keep nipples soft, healthy and supple during breastfeeding. Balm may be applied liberally after each feeding and does not have to be washed off before nursing. "Breastfeeding is so important to many moms and the ideal way to feed your baby, but nobody really talks about how painful it can be.” Kathy Dalton shared. “With Little Stinker Natural Nursing Balm, we help soothe and calm those sensitive areas with all natural botanicals.”

Little Stinker Cooling Breast Cream helps ease the pain and discomfort of breast engorgement by quickly soothing and cooling breast tissue. Cabbage and spearmint extracts cool
skin on contact. The Blueberry Project encourages use during the initial postpartum period, during weaning or anytime breasts become engorged. Little Stinker products are made in the USA or natural and certified organic ingredients. The company strives for earth, and baby, friendly practices.

The Little Stinker line may be viewed online at

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Little Stinker™ Launches New Product at ABC Kids Expo Show in Las Vegas


Little Stinker™ Launches New Product at ABC Kids Expo Show in Las Vegas

The Utah-Based Company Introduces Cooling Cream for Nursing Mothers

Salt Lake City, UT (October 7, 2010) – Little Stinker™ (, a Utah-based company known for its Baby Butt Spray and Natural Nursing Balm, announces the addition of the Cooling Breast Cream to the company’s list of products. The Cooling Breast Cream will be launched at the ABC Kids Expo Show in Las Vegas on October 10, 2010.

The Cooling Breast Cream is made from natural ingredients, and can be used during initial postpartum or as an adjunct for weaning and suppression. The product is formulated with spearmint oil and cabbage to cool skin on contact and provide relief for engorged breasts.

“We developed the Cooling Breast Cream because we know how important nursing is to mothers, but we also know how painful it can be,” said Kathy Dalton, Chief Marketing Officer of Little Stinker™. “Our mission at Little Stinker™ is, and always will be, to take the ‘un’ out of ‘un-pleasant’ when it comes to parenting.”

The founders of Little Stinker™ will be representing their baby and nursing products at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas October 10-13. The ABC Kids Expo is the premier juvenile products specialty trade show in the nation that focuses on promoting the children’s products industry by providing a place for retailers to create partnerships with children’s product manufacturers.

All Littler Stinker products can be purchased from the company website.


Additional Resources:

About Little Stinker

About ABC Kids Expo Trade Show

Little Stinker Cooling Cream - Article

What causes breast engorgement and how can it be managed?

Breast engorgement commonly occurs during the first few days after birth, when milk first comes into the breast. When this happens, more blood and fluid flows to the breast and surrounding area causing them to swell. Most women will experience a mild to moderate feeling of breast warmth and heaviness during this process, which is completely normal. However, some women experience true engorgement and find that their breasts have grown rather large, hard, warm, painful, and even lumpy to the touch.

Fortunately, a few days after your milk comes in, your milk supply should naturally adjust to fit your baby’s needs. You can expect relief from the first “normal” engorgement within 24 hours (or a few days if you are not breastfeeding). If these symptoms do not disappear within a few days, or if your breasts do not soften after feeding – home treatment should be initiated.

If you should find that home treatment is necessary – keep in mind that engorgement is very normal and is actually a positive sign. Engorgement simply means that your breasts are realizing their intended purpose and are producing milk to feed your child. And once you get through the initial engorgement, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the unique bond that can be shared between you and your baby. Below are a few tips to help along the way:

  • Nurse frequently (every two to three hours) – even if you must wake your baby. This is important because unrelieved breast engorgement can cause a permanent reduction in milk production. Try to get one side as soft as possible. If your baby is satisfied after the first breast, you can offer the other at the next feeding.
  • Wear a supportive nursing bra, even at night. However, make sure it isn’t too tight.
  • Avoid pumping milk except when you must soften the areola (the dark area around your nipple) or when your baby is unable to latch. Excessive pumping of milk will lead to an overproduction of milk and continual issues with engorgement.
  • Avoid having your baby latch when the areola is very hard or firm. To reduce the potential for nipple damage, and to help your baby latch – manually express or pump milk until the areola becomes soft. It might be easier to manually express milk in the shower as the warm water may cause enough leakage to soften the areola.
  • To reduce pain and swelling, take ibuprofen or acetaminophen, in accordance with your healthcare provider’s advice.

  • If your breasts are still uncomfortable after feeding, apply a cool compress for a short period of time. When used in conjunction with a cool compress, refrigerated Little Stinker™ Cooling Breast Cream will provide additional cooling benefits.
  • If you are not breast-feeding, avoid stimulating the nipples and do not apply heat to the breasts – unless it is only to help soften the areola. Heating of the breast may make the condition worse.
  • The application of fresh cabbage leaves to the breast has been used traditionally to help relieve discomfort associated with breast engorgement. To do this, strip the main vein from two large, outer leaves and cut a hole in each one for your nipple. Rinse and dry them before placing them on your breasts or into the cups of your bra. As an alternative, the Little Stinker Cooling Breast Cream has been formulated with a high concentration of cabbage leaf extract, which can be gently massaged into each breast.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Check out our booth at the ABC Kids Show

Here's a quick shot of our booth at the ABC Kids Expo #4927

ABC Kids Expo - Little Stinker to exhibit

The moment is here that we have prepared for over a year and a half for. Little Stinker will exhibit at the ABC Kids Expo 10-10-10 to 10 -13-10.

This is the 8th annual ABC Kids Show. The trade show is one of the biggest in the industry and is well respected. There are thousands of exhibitors and is a buyer only show.

We will be at booth #4927 exhibit Little Stinker and are excite to announce a new product launch tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

iPod Contest Winner Announcement!

Hello Folks,

Well it has certainly been a busy few weeks over here at Little Stinker. Lots of fun stuff happening that I am dying to share with you, but it will have to wait for another day. In the meantime however, I can finally announce the winner of our Summer Fun promotion. The winner will have her choice of either an iPod Touch or an Apple Gift Certificate of equal value that she can use for any Apple product (though I highly recommend the iPhone if you are on AT&T).

We had several entries and it was fun to see all the tweets and Facebook posts you guys placed to help promote the contest. A bit huge THANKS! to all who participated. The winner was chosen using to pick a random number among all the contest entries.

So without further ado, the winner is:

Nikole Holt!!

Woohoo! We will contact Nikole directly, but in the meantime, if you see this post first Nikole, be sure to email us your choice of prize and we'll have it shipped out to you right away.

Thanks again for playing guys. We had so much fun with this contest, don't be surprised if we do a few more before the end of the year, so. . . stay tuned :D.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Product Release: Introducing Little Stinker™ Natural Nursing Balm

Salt Lake City, August 9, 2010 -- Less than six months after the initial release of Little Stinker™ Baby Butt Spray and in honor of National Breastfeeding Week, The Blueberry Project announced the launch of their latest product designed to help combat the pains of parenthood-- Little Stinker™ Natural Nursing Balm.

Little Stinker Natural Nursing Balm is 100% natural and helps soothe sore and cracked nipples after breastfeeding. One of the key benefits of the balm is there is no need to wash or wipe off before the next feeding, which avoids unnecessary irritation.

"We are taking the 'un' out of 'unpleasant,'" said Kathy Dalton, Chief Marketing Officer of The Blueberry Project. "Breastfeeding is so important to many moms and the ideal way to feed your baby, but nobody really talks about how painful it can be. With Little Stinker Natural Nursing Balm, we help soothe and calm those sensitive areas with all natural botanicals, such as shea, cocoa, and mango butters."

Three Salt Lake City parents who wanted to provide baby and mommy-care products that were both safe and effective founded The Blueberry Project.

“Lets face it, kids are hard,” said Brick Despain, Chief Executive Officer of The Blueberry Project. “But they are totally worth it. We want to give parents products that allow them to focus on how cool their kids are rather than the pains and smells of parenthood.”

On a mission to make your child rearing experience more pleasant, The Blueberry Project developed the Little Stinker Natural Nursing Balm with ingredients that are both natural and completely edible, so you know your child is in good hands. Dalton said, "We strive to incorporate safe natural and organic materials in our products, and use recyclable packaging. We believe in doing everything we can to protect the earth and reduce our carbon footprint. We have even chosen a local manufacturer close to our home office to avoid unnecessary shipping and less green house gases."

This product is proudly made in the United States of America.

To learn more about Little Stinker Natural Nursing Balm and other Blueberry Project products please visit

Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Fun Contest: Win a FREE iPhone 4 or an iPod Touch!

Its getting pretty hot outside and as August approaches, its probably only going to get hotter. Don't get me wrong. I love the summer. I love being outside playing with my boys. But the end of July means that summer is quickly coming to an end. Soon the boys will be back at school and sometimes the heat really gets me down because it's TOO hot to play outside with the kids. Not to mention its time to start getting organized and begin the lovely task of "Back to School" shopping

So to cheer me up a bit and to help out with your organizational needs, we at Little Stinker have decided to hold a most awesome contest. Here's how it goes.

Contest Entries:1.) Place an order for your bottle of Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray in the next four weeks and you will be entered in a chance to win either an iPod touch or an Apple Gift certificate of equal value (in case you've had your eye on that new iPhone 4 . . . I know I have . . .). Easy right? But it gets better.

2.) You will get an entry for every bottle you order- not per transaction. 10 bottles = 10 entries. But wait. There's more!

3.) Followers of the blog get an extra entry into the contest. But wait. There's still more! :D

4.) Blog posts, tweets, facebook status updates that help promote the contest to your friends will get you another bonus entry. . . in fact, we'll even give you a bonus entry for each! Just post a comment here with links to show what you did. That gives you a chance of being entered at least 5 times for one bottle of Baby Butt Spray.

Ok. You can stop waiting now. Go! Buy! Share! Have fun!

The Details:
Purchase of the Little Stinker Baby Butt spray qualifies you as a contest entrant. All other entries are additional entries. Contest entries will be accepted from today, July 26th until midnight MST August 23rd. The prize is your choice of a new iPod Touch or an Apple gift certificate of equal value that can be used for an Apple product-- but I highly recommend an iPhone if you don't go for the iPod. It's like my second brain! Each entry will be assigned a number and winners will be chosen by the number generator. Winners will be announced August 24th here on the blog.

*Update 8-6-10* With the release of our latest product--Little Stinker Natural Nursing Balm--on August 6th, purchases of the Nursing Balm will also count toward a contest entry. So, yippee! More chances to win! :D


Friday, July 16, 2010

Croc Sneakers

Crocs just came out with a sneaker ! How darling are these?

I ordered them as soon as I saw it on

Do you like these?
- K

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Designer Diapers

Check out these designer diapers from Pampers.

Kind of makes me want to let the kiddo run around with just his diaper on, what do you think?

- K

Love this comment on Facebook from a friend that makes darling cloth diapers:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I met Amy Feldman and Allison Costa at the big kids expo the ABC Kids Show last year. After seeing them on the Shark Tank, I felt like I was meeting celebrities.

But what struck me is how sweet and down to earth they are.

Starting a new business is a big scary step and it was refreshing to talk to two gals who had done it and were so supportive of Little Stinker™ and our dream.

Love hearing other success stories. Check out their video.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Contest: Share your potty training story

Adventures in parenting come with some embarrassing (and funny) moments. Wouldn't you agree?

For the past few months I have been potty training my 2 1/2 year old boy. It's been a pretty positive experience, working for stinkers and earning prizes. But no one told me that potty training while pregnant might just set of a series of gag reflexes I didn't know I had. Not to mention that I have now been peed and pooped on by my toddler.

The Little Stinker family thought it would be fun to reward the funniest potty training story with a gift certificate for $10 to Target. (That way mom can go buy something fun for herself ;)

Submit your story in the comments section and we'll pick a winner on July 26.

- Kathy

Friday, July 2, 2010

Baby Tracker

I found this cool baby tracker on the Mommies Gotta Have It blog and found out I'm due the day after my online friend. Small world, huh?

Anyway, I thought I'd share this tool with you from they have some other fun tools on there.

Not that you all really care what my fetus looks like, but I thought I'd share it anyway. I'm proud. What can I say?

More 4th of July Activities

Had to share these cute FREE Printables from the Hostest Blog (super cute blog!)

4th of July

What family traditions do you share on the Fourth of July?

I'll be heading to Park City to watch rugby with my hubby. We'll probably BBQ, too.

I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for fun activities to do with my 2 year old. These firework pens from FAMILY FUN (dot) com are fun and pretty easy to assemble.

Fireworks Pens

Celebrate the Fourth of July with these festive writing instruments

From FamilyFun Magazine
July 4th Fireworks Pen Craft for Kids
Total Time Needed:
30 Minutes or less

Modern John Hancocks will enjoy signing their important documents with these jangly pens, whose starry arms are reminiscent of bursting fireworks.

  • Wired star garland in various colors (available at craft and party stores)
  • Duct tape
  • Pen
  • Small jingle bells
  1. For each, cut the wired star garland into nine pieces, each 6 to 8 inches long.

  2. Fireworks Pens - Step 2 Trim the tinsel stars from the last inch of each piece. Line up the trimmed ends on the sticky side of a 1-1/2-inch length of duct tape. Leave 1/2 inch of tape free on each side, as shown.

  3. Wrap the tape around the top of a pen. Slide small jingle bells onto the ends of the garland lengths, bending the tips around the bell loops to secure them. Splay the garland to resemble exploding fireworks.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Gift with purchase

Hello Friends!

Don't you love summer?

Going to the pool, hanging out with friends and adventures to new places.

My only problem is that I never have arms to carry it all. I found the perfect bag and wanted to pass it along to the first dozen people that purchase Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray (there is even a super cute compartment to stash your butt spray).

Just place your purchase like normal and I'll be sure to send you your very own sassy bag!


Friday, June 18, 2010

The Kung Fu Kid

Last weekend we were supposed to head up to Lagoon (our local mini-theme park) for the day, but the weather ended up being horrible. Alas, we were left with nothing to do, but had promised the boys we were going to have a really fun Saturday. Luckily we were wise enough not to mention to them how it was going to be fun. A trick we have learned from experience.

There we were, two young boys under the age of 8, a full day of gloomy weather... duh! Lets go to a movie!

Ok. So I'm one of those types that actually really enjoys kids movies (most of the time... in small doses) and I was pretty excited about going to see the recent remake of The Karate Kid. The original trilogy was a big part of my growing up and why I still, to this day, pretend that I know Karate when playing with the boys. In fact, I'm hard pressed to go a week without some Mr. Miyagi reference (he was the man!). I was excited to share that same love of total awesomeness/geekiness with my two young boys.

But here's the problem: Why did they still call it The Karate Kid?

Granted, when my wife and I watched the original (that same day) later, we realized that probably 75% of the script was practically ver batum, but even the movie itself makes a clear distinction that what they are doing is Kung Fu... NOT Karate. Come on. Its a new generation. Call it what it is.

Aside from my obvious pettyiness and inane need to label the martial arts appropriately, I very much enjoyed the movie, as did Kid Z and Kid A. They came out excited and pretending to fight and do the awesomely cool moves they had just seen on the big screen.

We have always wanted to sign the boys up for either Karate or Kung Fu... but now they are actually interested :D. Now if only it wasn't so expensive.

Anyway, I love the movies and I love being able to take my kids to see them too. Now that this weekend is supposed to be beautiful, we may try Lagoon again. But I'm also hoping to maybe squeeze in Toy Story 3. What are your plans this weekend?


Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

If Moms Earned a Salary, How Much Would They Make?

If Moms Earned a Salary, How Much Would They Make?

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Posted May 9th 2010 7:16AM

By Barbara Safani

With Mother's Day upon us, I've been thinking about the "Mom job" and how many different jobs it really is. Can you imagine if moms got paid for all they do? Obviously moms don't take the job for the money, but it does make you wonder what their earning potential would be if they were actually compensated financially for all they do.

Here is a list of all the jobs moms do and their corresponding salaries according to Payscale:


Job Title




Daycare teacher




Restaurant cook




Medical assistant








Van driver




(Mental Health) Counselor








Sr. administrative assistant




Event coordinator




Drug counselor




Writer (notes, letters)








Career counselor



That adds up to over $500,000 a year, a nice little chunk of change! And I've even got a few of my own jobs to add:

  • Referee -- for all that sibling rivalry
  • Child advocate -- to deal with the abundances of injustices in most school systems
  • Costume designer -- think of all those school plays
  • Editor -- how many of your kid's research papers have you had to read?
  • Fundraiser -- schools always need people to help them raise money
  • Tour guide -- what mom among us hasn't chaperoned a class trip?
  • Entertainer -- moms know this one needs no explanation

The list goes on and on. The reality, however, is that women don't get paid a dime for parenting and society tends to value paid work over non-paid work. And even though moms who work outside the home may "outsource" some of these jobs, they still have to squeeze most of these duties into the evenings, weekends and days off.

So what's my point? It's that we all need to thank all the stay-at-home moms and working moms -- not just on Sunday but every day. And, although there's no salary, bonus or service awards, for many moms the "benefits package" makes it all worth it. Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Babies The Movie

My sister in-law was telling me about this movie "Babies The Movie" and was excited to watch the trailer with my son.

Arriving in theaters Mother’s Day Weekend (May 7), this visually stunning movie simultaneously follows four babies around the world-from first breath to first steps. From Mongolia to Namibia to San Francisco to Tokyo, BABIES joyfully captures on film the earliest stages of the journey of humanity that are at once unique and universal to us all. There are about a billion babies in the world. And Pampers is committed to doing everything we can to support babies on their unique journey of development—caring for their health and happiness, their moms and their world.
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Virtual Baby Shower

How do you throw a baby shower for a sister in-law across the country? Host a virtual baby shower.

My brother in-law, along with help from hosted a virtual baby shower for his wife.

Here's what he did:

1. Sent out email to family requesting letters

2. Ordered fun supplies from

Here is a sample of the email he sent out:

Dear Friends and Family,

The past 38 weeks have passed by so quickly and though we have been so far away from most of you, we have felt your support throughout pregnancy #3! Thank you all for being so thoughtful and supportive!

We are now entering the "Final Countdown" - a mere 8 days away! As many of you know, the last few days after a long pregnancy can be some of the most trying days for an expecting mother - and so I would like to invite you to participate in a "virtual" baby shower!

So what is a "virtual" baby shower? And how can you participate? To answer these questions, let me first "paint the picture" for you:

On Saturday A will receive a visitor (son #2) at the front door with an invitation in hand - inviting her to a special baby shower. She will be given a blindfold to place over her eyes and will be led into the back yard where son #1, Dad, and have decorated the patio with balloons, streamers, flowers, etc. The table will be filled with A's favorite treats (that she has been deprived of due to her gestational diabetes) and her favorite lunchtime menu.

On the center of the table will be a gift for her to open - and this is where YOU come in:

Please respond to this email over the next few days (no later than Thursday evening) with a personalized letter or note to A. Help her to feel as though you are present with us through your words. She is so excited for the arrival of Baby Boy #3. Help us to celebrate this momentous occasion with all of you! Your words of encouragement, love and support will be a gift that will last forever!

I will transfer your letter/note to an individualized card - which she will discover when she opens the gift on the table.

For those of you who, in addition to the letter/note, would also like to Skype in on Saturday, I will have our laptop and webcam ready to receive your calls throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday Also, please feel free to call, text, or leave a message.

With your help and involvement, this will be a very special "virtual" baby shower for A!


Dalton Family

- Kathy

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Thing's First

This year has marked a lot of firsts for me and my family. My wife had her first official book signing. Kid Z lost his first tooth. This was the first time I've launched a new company (:D) and attended an expo as a vendor. It was also our first year we owed taxes instead of getting a refund (blerg). And many more. Some good, some not great. But one in particular happened this last Monday, and it was a monumental experience for my wife and I. Our youngest, Kid A, officially became a little boy. He is no longer our little stinker that helped us invent the baby butt spray and would run around the house telling everyone to "smell my butt!" after spraying him with the several test samples as we perfected the formula (he loved being our guinea pig). He's growing up and Bree and I got a little emotional about it. Maybe its a little silly, but this experience made us reflect on our lives, our children and realize how blessed we are. It made us nostalgic for all the fun times we've had so far with our boys, but also excited for their future and how awesome they are bound to be.

So what was this groundbreaking, monumental, and time altering rite of passage that Kid A experienced?

His first SOLO bike ride.

Take a look at a little video of it I was able to capture on my phone. (Sorry about the sound quality. I apparently had my finger over the microphone as I was jogging to keep up with him)

After a an hour or so of riding around the cul-de-sac, Kid A also experienced his first crash. I was so proud of him because he just got right back up, brushed himself off, smiled at me and got back on the bike. I hope he does that whenever he falls-- on the bike or in life. As a side note: we found when we were done that the boys had that not-so-pleasant-I-can't-sweat-yet little boy smell. Good news! We found a new use for Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray :P

Here's to all the many firsts in life and the many more to come, because with life's experiences come wisdom, strength, and happiness.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Disnyland Deals

The day my son was born my father wanted us all to go to Disneyland. The idea was to go for his birthday on 10-10-10. So after almost 2 years we've started planning the trip for the Fall and wanted to share some great tips I found from Freebies2Deals.

Local Utah Mama started Freebies 2 Deals as a way to share her money saving tips. She has over 3,500 Facebook fans (well, Facebook "likes") and is growing in popularity.

Read this article she wrote on how Disneyland is Affordable for Everyone

Then watch these three awesome videos (it will make you want to pack your bags and leave tomorrow!)
Video 1:

Video 2:

Costco also sells the Southern California Pass for three days to Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, Sea World for $249 or you can do a Four Day Disneyland trip for $159. A great deal when on ticket costs $79.

I hope these excellent tips will help you plan your next trip to Disneyland!

- Kathy