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Little Stinker Natural Nursing Balm Launch
Summer Fun Contest: Win an iPod Touch
Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray Launch

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This lightly scented, refreshing lavender vanilla spray not only freshens your baby’s bum but also gently moisturizes, which I love. Those little baby bums can be super sensitive, so a little moisturizing goes a long way.
Emi Hill of Boutique Cafe
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Little Stinker's blend of vanilla and lavender will help eliminate the odor from a baby's diaper. Spray it it the room, the diaper pail or even on your baby's bum. It's very moisturizing so it will not only freshen your baby's tush but it will soften it too.  I have really come to love this product and will continue to use it on my baby's bum.
Dee-Dee of Whatever Dee-Dee Wants
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Well, I have to say this is the one and only time I have ever, or will ever say, “butt” and “yum” in the same sentence, but Little Stinker Butt Spray smells yummy!
MommyB of MommyB Knows Best
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I loved that is a convenient size bottle that travels well in a diaper bag or anywhere you change your baby. It is great for changing baby away from home as well. Another great thing is that they are earth friendly and also can be used for any stinky smells around the home. I would recommend Little Stinker for your little stinker.
Jennette of Smart & Trendy Moms
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