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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Little Stinker natural skin care for baby and mom

Little Stinker's natural skin care product for baby and mom relieve the pains of smells of parenthood.

Little Stinker™ Baby Butt Spray

The Baby Butt Spray was developed to de-stinkify your little ones while gently moisturizing their little bums.

In fact, your baby will smell so fresh and clean, you’ll probably want to eat them . . . but you know . . . don’t do that! Let Little Stinker be the perfect answer for your poopy prancer.

Little Stinker™ Natural Nursing Balm

Little Stinker Natural Nursing Balm
Modern science continues to discover amazing health benefits associated with breastfeeding. It is considered to be an intuitive and even spiritual connection between mother and child. That being said,why do your “girls” feel like they have been through a scorching meat grinder after feeding your baby? Stop torturing yourself and enjoy breastfeeding again with our all-natural Nursing Balm.

Little Stinker™ Natural Nursing Balm is a safe and effective solution to cracked, dry skin associated with breastfeeding.

Little Stinker™ Cooling Breast Cream
The Cooling Breast Cream was developed to help relieve the discomfort associated with sore and tender breasts.

Perhaps the least talked about topic is how uncomfortable nursing can actually be. Often when your milk first comes in or when trying to ween, engorgement can be a real issue. The heat and and discomfort can sometimes make you feel like you're going to burst. Our naturally-inspired Cooling Breast Cream is formulated with a high concentration of cabbage and just a touch of spearmint oil to help quench that fire.

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