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Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Fun Contest: Win a FREE iPhone 4 or an iPod Touch!

Its getting pretty hot outside and as August approaches, its probably only going to get hotter. Don't get me wrong. I love the summer. I love being outside playing with my boys. But the end of July means that summer is quickly coming to an end. Soon the boys will be back at school and sometimes the heat really gets me down because it's TOO hot to play outside with the kids. Not to mention its time to start getting organized and begin the lovely task of "Back to School" shopping

So to cheer me up a bit and to help out with your organizational needs, we at Little Stinker have decided to hold a most awesome contest. Here's how it goes.

Contest Entries:1.) Place an order for your bottle of Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray in the next four weeks and you will be entered in a chance to win either an iPod touch or an Apple Gift certificate of equal value (in case you've had your eye on that new iPhone 4 . . . I know I have . . .). Easy right? But it gets better.

2.) You will get an entry for every bottle you order- not per transaction. 10 bottles = 10 entries. But wait. There's more!

3.) Followers of the blog get an extra entry into the contest. But wait. There's still more! :D

4.) Blog posts, tweets, facebook status updates that help promote the contest to your friends will get you another bonus entry. . . in fact, we'll even give you a bonus entry for each! Just post a comment here with links to show what you did. That gives you a chance of being entered at least 5 times for one bottle of Baby Butt Spray.

Ok. You can stop waiting now. Go! Buy! Share! Have fun!

The Details:
Purchase of the Little Stinker Baby Butt spray qualifies you as a contest entrant. All other entries are additional entries. Contest entries will be accepted from today, July 26th until midnight MST August 23rd. The prize is your choice of a new iPod Touch or an Apple gift certificate of equal value that can be used for an Apple product-- but I highly recommend an iPhone if you don't go for the iPod. It's like my second brain! Each entry will be assigned a number and winners will be chosen by the number generator. Winners will be announced August 24th here on the blog.

*Update 8-6-10* With the release of our latest product--Little Stinker Natural Nursing Balm--on August 6th, purchases of the Nursing Balm will also count toward a contest entry. So, yippee! More chances to win! :D



  1. Sweeeeeet :). Following, Tweeting, blogging and buying!

  2. Finally posted on FB about this. Yay for the nursing balm being released - that is awesome!

  3. I re tweeted.

  4. I posted on fb!/profile.php?id=1319958858&v=wall&story_fbid=122911334423572

  5. I love Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray so I bought 2 bottles :)

  6. Following under Susan H. You know I had to zip over here and give it a shot!!!

  7. Just ordered another bottle, LOVE THIS STUFF!!!

  8. Blogged about it here
    And posted this link on my FB page.

  9. Bought the Butt spray! I may keep it for myself since my boy could use some refreshing after a diaper change ;)

  10. Decided to buy the nursing balm for a pregnant friend :)
    These comments under Brian are Susan Haglund :)

  11. Better late than never! Bought the spray and posted the link on FB. Yay for de-stinkification!

  12. You can simple check web for details... Need little effort.. for iphone