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Monday, April 5, 2010

Join us at the What a Woman Wants Show

We are excited to inform our readers that we will be attending the What a Woman Wants Show on April 16th and 17th. We haven't been assigned a location yet, but we did get some extra tickets to share. Which is good news for you because we are giving them away on our blog!

Here are the the details.

We have 20 tickets to give away in pairs, so a total of 10 winners are possible.

1. You must be a follower of the blog to win.

2. Enter the contest by posting a comment to this post that answers one of the questions below, or by sending your answers via email to us at with WAWWS in the subject line.

3. Bonus points for making us laugh (+1)

4. Bonus entries for blogging, tweeting, facebooking links to the contest (+2, +1, +1 respectively)

5. Additional bonus entries for getting someone else to enter the contest (+3 be sure to tell them to let us know who sent them)

6. You can win twice, but no more (i.e. you can win up to four tickets).

Contest ends midnight April 9th. Winners will be announced April 10th and tickets will be mailed April 12th to make sure you get them in time for the show.

Questions for contest entry-- Answer one of the following questions in your comments:

1. What was the worst poopy diaper change experience you've ever had?


2. What does a woman want?

I'll be honest. I have been married for nearly a decade now (9 years end of this month to be exact) and I still couldn't really answer that question. But in that time, I have definitely learned a lot about what a woman DOESN'T want, and I can tell you this-- nobody likes a poopy diaper. Not mom, not dad, not even the kid.

Lets face it. Poop stinks. Figuratively as well as literally. And that's were we come in. Ok, so we can't stop the poop from happening. Probably wouldn't be a good idea to try anyway. But we can stop the gag reflex and help avoid some of the awfulness that is changing a stinky diaper. We can also eliminate that inevitable lingering odor.

Be sure to stop by our table for some fun, to say hi, and to try out our Baby Butt Spray. See ya there!



  1. Since every poopy diaper I have changed has been the worst experience I've ever had, I'll answer question number 2-

    All a woman wants is: a maid, a personal trainer, a personal chef, a weekly massage, and hugs from her kids.

    And that's all.

  2. You know what? That sounds about right. In fact, that is pretty much all I want as a Dad too.