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Monday, May 3, 2010

Virtual Baby Shower

How do you throw a baby shower for a sister in-law across the country? Host a virtual baby shower.

My brother in-law, along with help from hosted a virtual baby shower for his wife.

Here's what he did:

1. Sent out email to family requesting letters

2. Ordered fun supplies from

Here is a sample of the email he sent out:

Dear Friends and Family,

The past 38 weeks have passed by so quickly and though we have been so far away from most of you, we have felt your support throughout pregnancy #3! Thank you all for being so thoughtful and supportive!

We are now entering the "Final Countdown" - a mere 8 days away! As many of you know, the last few days after a long pregnancy can be some of the most trying days for an expecting mother - and so I would like to invite you to participate in a "virtual" baby shower!

So what is a "virtual" baby shower? And how can you participate? To answer these questions, let me first "paint the picture" for you:

On Saturday A will receive a visitor (son #2) at the front door with an invitation in hand - inviting her to a special baby shower. She will be given a blindfold to place over her eyes and will be led into the back yard where son #1, Dad, and have decorated the patio with balloons, streamers, flowers, etc. The table will be filled with A's favorite treats (that she has been deprived of due to her gestational diabetes) and her favorite lunchtime menu.

On the center of the table will be a gift for her to open - and this is where YOU come in:

Please respond to this email over the next few days (no later than Thursday evening) with a personalized letter or note to A. Help her to feel as though you are present with us through your words. She is so excited for the arrival of Baby Boy #3. Help us to celebrate this momentous occasion with all of you! Your words of encouragement, love and support will be a gift that will last forever!

I will transfer your letter/note to an individualized card - which she will discover when she opens the gift on the table.

For those of you who, in addition to the letter/note, would also like to Skype in on Saturday, I will have our laptop and webcam ready to receive your calls throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday Also, please feel free to call, text, or leave a message.

With your help and involvement, this will be a very special "virtual" baby shower for A!


Dalton Family

- Kathy


  1. This is such a great way to involve family and friends who can't be near. We did something similar when my brother-in-law got married. So much fun! (I am stopping by from Real Life! Glad to meet you!)

  2. Hi Jen,

    Great to connect. Thanks for sharing. I think a virtual baby shower is such a fun way to make very one feel apart of the excitement.

    Have a great week,