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Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of July

What family traditions do you share on the Fourth of July?

I'll be heading to Park City to watch rugby with my hubby. We'll probably BBQ, too.

I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for fun activities to do with my 2 year old. These firework pens from FAMILY FUN (dot) com are fun and pretty easy to assemble.

Fireworks Pens

Celebrate the Fourth of July with these festive writing instruments

From FamilyFun Magazine
July 4th Fireworks Pen Craft for Kids
Total Time Needed:
30 Minutes or less

Modern John Hancocks will enjoy signing their important documents with these jangly pens, whose starry arms are reminiscent of bursting fireworks.

  • Wired star garland in various colors (available at craft and party stores)
  • Duct tape
  • Pen
  • Small jingle bells
  1. For each, cut the wired star garland into nine pieces, each 6 to 8 inches long.

  2. Fireworks Pens - Step 2 Trim the tinsel stars from the last inch of each piece. Line up the trimmed ends on the sticky side of a 1-1/2-inch length of duct tape. Leave 1/2 inch of tape free on each side, as shown.

  3. Wrap the tape around the top of a pen. Slide small jingle bells onto the ends of the garland lengths, bending the tips around the bell loops to secure them. Splay the garland to resemble exploding fireworks.

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