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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Contest: Share your potty training story

Adventures in parenting come with some embarrassing (and funny) moments. Wouldn't you agree?

For the past few months I have been potty training my 2 1/2 year old boy. It's been a pretty positive experience, working for stinkers and earning prizes. But no one told me that potty training while pregnant might just set of a series of gag reflexes I didn't know I had. Not to mention that I have now been peed and pooped on by my toddler.

The Little Stinker family thought it would be fun to reward the funniest potty training story with a gift certificate for $10 to Target. (That way mom can go buy something fun for herself ;)

Submit your story in the comments section and we'll pick a winner on July 26.

- Kathy


  1. Zach was potty training age while we lived in a town home. I was at a point in potty training him where I had sort of given up whatever methods had worked for my previous two boys and had resorted to letting him just be naked. I was on the phone that day with my best friend and I suddenly saw that Zach was doing the potty dance. I quickly told Zach to go into the bathroom and he refused. It looked as though he planned to go right there on the rug. I started to panic and my BFF yelled, "Just take him outside!" Without thinking, I obeyed. Zach then peed off our front steps into the landscaping that we shared with other town home owners. I was mortified but Zach was just shocked. He had never witnessed his own pee before. He yelled, "Whoa! I'm like a fountain!!" For the next week, Zach would feel it coming then run outside and pee. Finally I told him that he couldn't do that anymore because he better not let the neighborhood see him naked. He was sad but relented to use the toilet. And thus the boy was trained.

    It was funny later to find out that the preference to pee outside never wore off. I met one of those neighbors for the first time a while later and he said, "Oh! You're the mom of the boy who pees outside! He does it all the time and if a car comes, his brothers stand in front of him to shield him from view." ???!!!


  2. Potty training was a year long process at our house. Most horrible moment was when Alex had an accident in the McDonald's playland!!! Long story short, we don't go to that McDonalds any more because I'm too embarassed.

  3. I started potty-training my youngest about 5 months ago. She showed interest in the toilet only about 50% of the time and only opted to go at the most inconvenient times (during church, 4 times during a movie, etc).

    It wasn't until 3 wks ago that she has successfully been consistent with going potty in the toilet and wearing underwear. The change? Her 5 yo sister started a "sticker chart" for her and explained the rules: that for every time she went potty in the toilet, she'd get a sticker and if she went potty in her Pull-up, a sticker would come off.

    She ecstatically praised her little sister each time for her successes and now my almost 3yo wears underwear and has a 3x5 card smothered in stickers.

    P.S. My 5 yo is for hire :)

  4. When potty-training my son (my first), he was still a bit short to teach how to do it standing up, so he learned to do it sitting down. What no one told me is that little boys have to hold themselves DOWN while sitting.

    Once I sat at the bathroom door, right in front of the toilet, waiting for him to finish his business. He didn't hold um . . . *himself* down, and pee shot straight UNDER the toilet seat and right ON ME as if I had a bull's eye on my chest.

    Or, rather on my face.

    After some screams and yelps from Mom, we figured out he had to always "hold it down" while sitting on the pot.

  5. Annette -- Aaaaaa!! That one happened to me too with another kid! God bless Mamas!

  6. Don't know if you saw this FREE Potty Training Kit from Pampers, but I ordered one!

  7. My funny little story was with my daughter (now 7). She potty-trained really easily, but was a little slow to come around on the pooping in the toilet. She'd always ask for a diaper and then do her business. It was pretty efficient for everyone. One day she franticly asked, "Daddy! Do I have on panties or a diaper?!?!" He told her a diaper and she exhaled so relieved and said, "Oh, good bc it needs to be changed." It was this point that we decided she was *way* ready to be done w/ diapers. That was too high level of a conversation to be having with a little girl in diapers!

    We just completed potty-training with my son. We did it in 3 days! I posted abt it on my blog.