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Monday, March 1, 2010

Fun Feedback on Facebook

Since our launch last week we've had fun reading some of the posts and thought we'd share our favorites:

Donalee Davis Walker Donalee
No freaking way!!!! Abecie's diapers are the WORST and I have that same thought every time I walk into the room where her diaper was just changed. That is AMAZING!!!! I WANT SOME!!! And I totally love the name! haha

Martha Yorgason GraceMartha
That's awesome! My husband a few months back was wishing we could come up with a diaper with a better smell to disguise those 'just changed but not sure if I need to again' smells. What a fantastic idea Brick had. Thanks for sharing!

Corrie Biesinger WatkinsCorrie
Another great use for the spray? The seat in spinning class. Or basically, anywhere in the gym.

Thanks everyone for your support!

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