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Friday, March 5, 2010

Sci-Fri - You put Marshmallows in your butt spray?

Welcome to Science Friday, where we take a moment to discuss and explain some of the science behind our product formulas. We believe in blending science with natural and organic botanical ingredients to create unique, essential, safe, and effective cosmetic products, which can be applied with confidence to maintain the health and beauty of skin.

Today, we wanted to discuss the Marshmallow in our Little Stinker Baby Butt Spay. If you look closely at the ingredient list for Baby Butt Spray, you may notice the name “Althaea officinalis” which is also known by its official common name “Marshmallow” root. This herb should not be confused with the sugary treat commonly roasted over campfires to make yummy s’mores (great... now I want s'mores). However, the French did use this herb historically in their confection “pate de guimave”, which was made from the plant’s root. And very tasty.

The marshmallow plant has been used traditionally in many cultures for its medicinal properties and even as food. The generic name, Althaea, is derived from the Greek, altho (to cure), from its healing properties. Hippocrates described this herb as a valuable treatment of wounds. Medicinally, the dried or powdered roots have been historically applied as a poultice on skin abrasions, ulcers, and eruptions.

The inclusion of this extracted herb in Little Stinker™ Baby Butt Spray was not accidental. Baby Butt Spray’s unique blend of botanical extracts provides soothing, calming, and moisturizing properties to your baby’s delicate skin. Sure, your main purpose for using this product may be to de-stinkify lingering baby odors, but the secondary benefits to your child’s skin make Baby Butt Spray much more than “butt-deodorant”.

Travis and Brick

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